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Our Mission

Bringing People together to celebrate life. We help save our planet with our recyclable yard signs

Our Story

My Fun Yard  was founded by Paula Nakamura and Rosana Shetty in Sammamish , Washington in June of 2019.They met doing voluntary work at their kids’ school and quickly became good friends. One day they came up with the idea of helping families in their community celebrate achievements, joy and love by creating a customizable yard sign rental company.

Months after the launch of the company, the world was impacted by the COVID pandemic. They took it upon themselves to help the community through the tough isolation times by putting up signs of hope & inspiration as well thanks to all the first responders. These signs brought some joy to communities that were in lockdowns and helped them celebrate their loved ones even during periods of isolation. It was a huge positive impact to the community.

On July of 2021 Paula and her family moved to Georgia State. Her friendship, partnership and enthusiasm will always be missed.


Hello my name is Rosana Shetty. I’m a wife, and mother of two children. I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and have lived in Sammamish, WA since 2001. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 

About Rosana Shetty

I enjoy running my business and serving our community with yard signs of love and encouragement. My best days are when I get pictures from my customers with my yard sign & they share how it helped bring joy to their or someone they deeply care about lives. Helping my customers celebrate important milestones with their loved ones brings me the utmost joy.

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